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      "And Cap Somerville took advantage of the break to snap up Cap's queen, which made him hotter'n ever.

      They swept down the mountain-side, over the next eminence, and so onward. At every crest that they raised the uproar of the battle became louder, the crash of musketry and the thunder of the can non more continuous. The roads were so filled with teams being urged forward or backward that they could not follow them, but had to make their way through the woods and occasional fields, only keeping such direction as would bring them quickest to some part of the stormy firing-line.

      Two or three other men had come up in the meanwhile with their cups, and they started, without so much as asking, to dip their cups in.

      She put her arms akimbo and retorted vigorously:Si stood for an instant dazed. How beautiful she was far more so than his recollections had painted her. She had blossomed out from the school-girl into the mature woman, and every feature ripened. Fair as his home seemed in contrast with the country he had left, she seemed still fairer in contrast with any woman he had ever seen. Where were the thousand things that, brooding by the campfire and lying in his tent, he thought over to say to her when they met? All forgotten or dismissed as inappropriate. He simply stood and gazed at her. She re covered herself first, and said teasingly:


      "Will you swear 2 support the Constitution ov the United States agin all enemies & opposers whatsumever, & vote for Abraham Lincoln every time?" axed the Sergeant."What star was it?"



      "Damned if I will," says the man. "No nigger kin ever be a brother 2 me. I'll die first."His cheek paled for an instant as the thought obtruded that the man might resist and he have to really shoot him.