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      It is a mans duty to bequeath what he possesses to his children. (v*) This device was of very early date. See Boucher, Hist.

      Frontenac owned the estate of Isle Savary, on the Indre, not far from Blois; and here, soon after the above scene, the princess made him a visit. "It is a pretty enough place," she says, "for a man like him. The house is well furnished, and he gave me excellent entertainment. He showed me all the plans he had for improving it, and making gardens, fountains, and ponds. It would need the riches of a superintendent of finance to execute his schemes, and how anybody else should venture to think of them I cannot comprehend."governor to the remaining members of the council, * on which Mzy declared him excluded from all public functions whatever, till the kings pleasure should be known. ** Thus church and state still frowned on each other, and new disputes soon arose to widen the breach between them. On the first establishment of the council, an order had been passed for the election of a mayor and two aldermen (chevins) for Quebec, which it was proposed to erect into a city, though it had only seventy houses and less than a thousand inhabitants. Repentigny was chosen mayor, and Madry and Charron aldermen; but the choice was not agreeable to the bishop, and the three functionaries declined to act, influence having probably been brought to bear on them to that end. The council now resolved that a mayor was needless, and the people were permitted to choose a syndic in his stead. These municipal elections were always so controlled by the authorities that the element of liberty which they seemed to represent was little but a mockery. On the present occasion, after an unaccountable delay of ten months, twenty-two persons cast their votes in presence of the council, and the choice fell on Charron. The real question was whether the new syndic should belong to the governor or to the bishop. Charron leaned to the governors party. The ecclesiastics insisted that the people were dissatisfied, and a new election was ordered, but the voters did not come. The governor now

      "Iean de Brebevf.

      [7] Denonville Seignelay, 12 Juin, 1686.Huron Graves ? Preparation for the Ceremony ? Disinterment ? The Mourning ? The Funeral March ? The Great Sepulchre ? Funeral Games ? Encampment of the Mourners ? Gifts ? Harangues ? Frenzy of the Crowd ? The Closing Scene ? Another Rite ? The Captive Iroquois ? The Sacrifice.

      [5] Seignelay to Barillon, French Ambassador at London, in N. Y. Col. Docs., IX. 269. 1636, 1637.

      [182] Duchesneau, in Paris Docs., ix. 163.

      [288] "La hauteur nous a fait remarquer ... que ce que nous avions vu le sixime janvier estoit en effet la principale entre de la rivire que nous cherchions."Lettre de La Salle au Ministre, 4 Mars, 1687.[8] See "Pioneers of France," 370.


      No quarrelling! said Lamons deep voice and, as the simplest way of restoring peace, he seized Acestor round the loins and lifted him on the counter as easily as if he had been a child. Talk on! he added curtly, and returned to his seat without looking at him as though it was a matter of course that he should be obeyed.


      That Quebec was to become the capital of a great empire there seemed in truth good reason to believe. The young king and his minister Colbert had labored in earnest to build up a new France in the west. For years past, ship-loads of emigrants had landed every summer on the strand beneath the rock. All was life and action, and the air was full of promise. The royal agent Talon had written to his master: "This part of the French monarchy is destined to a grand future. All that I see around me points to it; and the colonies of foreign nations, so long settled on the seaboard, are trembling with fright in view of what his Majesty has accomplished here within the last seven years. The measures we have taken to confine them within narrow limits, and the prior claim we have established against them by formal acts of possession, do not permit them to extend themselves except at peril of having war declared against them as usurpers; and this, in fact, is what they seem greatly to fear." [2]Without waiting for a reply, she left the room as lightly as a feather, and breathless with joy and excitement ran back to Clytie, before whom she triumphantly held aloft the key.